Drag Queen Bingo is completely customisable to fit your exact needs.

Usually though, Drag Bingo is an hour-long event that starts with your fabulous hostess arriving 10 minutes early to set up the Bingo equipment that we provide (Bingo Cage, Bingo Cards, Pens, Prizes and a speaker for the show), this means that as the organiser you too can just sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!

Over the course of the hour, your Drag Queen hostess will play three hilarious and highly-competitive games of Bingo, will perform a dazzling drag show and will mix, mingle and take lots of photos with your group!

Depending on your specific needs we can also add extras to your Bingo Package that could include:

  • More Bingo rounds, shows or Drag Queens
  • Hens Party games
  • Speeches on Pride/ Celebrating Diversity (for Pride events)
  • Drag Makeup classes

If you can imagine it we can do it! Please ‘Contact Us’ to chat about what we could do to make your event extra special.